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Tablina and porridge Healthy breakfast

Cereal is a magically effective diet that is full of different vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, which is why cereals are considered a treasure of health, and there is nothing wrong with eating jagged cereals. Risk of Disease Reduces
All of these people were healthy from 1984 to 2010. The 26 deaths that occurred in the last years were the cause of other physical disorders. People whose diet was included in cereals, brown rice, corn, porridge and most of them, especially heart. According to researchers, 28 grams of pure grain or a small fiber fiber diet, such as eating porridge once a day, reduced the risk of death by 5% while the risk of heart attacks and other diseases was at least 10%. Can be done

According to Dr. Hanigo Widd, affiliate of the Harvard School of Public Health, “Changes in these dietary habits have also contributed to the increase in cereal consumption. The results have provided considerable hope, which suggests that eating pure cereals. The benefits can be expected in life. According to study author Dr. Honeygood, straw grains contain bran and germs, so refined grains, such as white rice, pasta, and white flour have more than 25% extra protein. Hold on
Dr. Honeygood’s previous study showed that using pure grains allows for increased bone density, blood pressure and healthy bacteria in the gut. The risk of developing diabetes is low.
Oat or oats contain a specific fiber betaglucin, which lowers the level of cholesterol (bad), which is why the heart stays energized. Moreover, when it comes to boosting the body’s natural and physiological immunity, these fibers are the most effective, The weapon is proven.
Remember that our body naturally produces Betaglucan. Therefore, the only way to get this mixture is through external sources, especially those found in grains, yeast, wheat, mushrooms and oats.
Talbina – A Prophetic Version
Ingredients of prepared pulp are added barley, cashew nuts, almonds and pistachios. This is the Prophet’s version that makes righteous blood and eliminates calcium deficiency.
According to the Hadith, Talbina is useful in all diseases of depression, fatigue and stomach. Strengthens the body. Strengthens the weave, relieves joint pain. If you like, you can also prepare jacadillas and garnish the fruit and add raisins, walnuts to the fruit, such as strawberry or cherry, to enhance the taste.

And obviously, porridge with milk is the best nutrient-rich diet. Eating it will increase the levels of antioxidants in the body, which is a combination of protecting cells from damage to free radicals. Although simple but nutritious snacks can keep many diseases from growing or growing, to stay healthy.

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