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Lack of sleep – a waste of health

Good night’s sleep does not eat one’s heart, it not only makes your humor happy but also does not create unpleasant dark circles around the eyes, but sleeping till the proper time, everything including your heart, weight and mind. But for today’s engagements, the average duration of sleep is 6 hours (medical experts recommend sleeping between 7 and 8 hours).
Almost everyone knows the importance of good sleep, but you may not realize what can happen to you if you don’t.
The effects of just one night of sleep deprivation on the mind can be more serious than expected. This warning has come to light in a US medical study.
Michigan State University research says that if you have trouble thinking after a nightmare, it is not your illusion, but the reality is that the effects of sleep deprivation are far more serious than previously thought. ۔

The study found that the lack of sleep increases the likelihood of people making mistakes in their daily activities at home and at the office, while the risk of difficulty concentrating is three times higher, according to researchers. Such people have to struggle a lot to do the normal daily tasks that people usually do very easily.
During the study, 77 volunteers were kept awake all night while 61 people were given the opportunity to sleep at home.
In the evening to test their eligibility and then the next morning, 2 types of mental tests were taken, during which these volunteers also experienced interference. One test was regarding their reaction time and the other daily. Was to test the merits of the tasks.
The results showed that the error rate in Syria was 15%, but in the next morning, the rate of sleep deprivation reached 30%, while those who enjoyed good sleep achieved the same score as Syria. There are times when the effects of daily lack of sleep are analyzed and the results dispel the common belief that our ability to concentrate is affected by lack of sleep.
In addition, you may experience the following problems due to lack of sleep.
Memory problems
Sleep deprivation in the middle ages leads to changes in the defense structure that have a negative impact on longevity or sleep, while in young people, sleep deprivation can lead to memory loss problems. The more they sleep, the better their memory.

Feeling hungry all the time
If the brain does not get the energy it receives from sleep, it makes it a source of food to achieve it. Lack of sleep increases the rate of becoming an appetite hormone, and consequently the body. Fat and sweet nutrients are needed all the time, lack of sleep affects hormone controlling hormone leptin and people eat too much without needing to feel full stomach.

Out of control over intention
When the body and mind suffer from fatigue, people take deliberate actions, that is, it is difficult for people to refuse harmful things while even spending money on the purchase of indirect items, usually in these situations, say jolog. Whether they are doing it or not, they themselves do not understand it.

Premature aging
Sleep is very important for facial beauty and it is common for dark circles and face to fall off without eyes, but one study also found that excessive sleep deprivation can push your skin toward aging. Which causes the stress hormone in the body to release excessive amounts of R-Tissol and its extremities do not allow the skin to function smooth and tight to the ligand.

The feeling of being alone
One study found that as a result of sleep deprivation, young people find it difficult to socialize with people when they feel that they are isolated from the world. Things only get worse when People who feel lonely do not try to sleep.
Allergic reactions
Several medical research reports have discovered that sleep helps in cleansing of the beta-amyloid protein of the brain, which is thought to accumulate in the brain when awake, a protein that is thought to cause Alzheimer’s disease, gradually leading to sleep deprivation. As this protein intake starts to increase and sleep becomes more difficult to clean, the worse the sleep schedule, the higher the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

The risk of depression increases
One study found that poor sleep leads to poor moods, but also increases the risk of depression. Similarly, lack of sleep can increase the risk of fighting between husband and wife. The risk of developing depression in people with insomnia is twice as high, according to researchers, which can also ruin their relationship.

Weak files
Lack of sleep causes changes in the hormone system and makes it harder for the body to build muscle and relieve weakness, which is why it is more difficult to treat after damage to the pelvis. This is why fitness experts Also recommend proper sleep to those who are eager to build a body.
Scientists are not sure why sleep deprivation causes headaches, but it certainly does.
Nightmares can result in half a headache

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